• ladyhaley32 posted an update 4 weeks ago

    MOTD and homework completed

  • Good morning Kenya and bricks. Yesterday i did the 6am to 6pm fast. For dinner i had salad, grilled chicken. I completed my gallon of water also. I also completed the missions. I will weigh myself today and check in on the fb page.

  • Weekend homework completed.

  • I’ll admit. I have not been posting all of my daily stuff. But i have been doing the MOTD and eating like i suppose to. I started at 395. I am happy to say i am currently 382. Coach i will DM you my pictures and also a scale picture of my current weight. Thanks 🙂

  • ladyhaley32 posted an update 6 months ago

    Hello ladies. I have a question. What should we be doing daily. I signed up last night and i haven’t been accepted in 2 groups. What should i do in the mean time?